Payment arrangement

Are you unable to pay your taxes all at once? Then make a timely call to the Receivers Office  to discuss possible eligibility to make a payment arrangement.

What happens if you don’t pay your taxes?
If you don’t pay your taxes and there is no arrangement for a postponement of payment, the Receivers’ office will take the necessary measures to ensure that the outstanding amount will be paid.

You will first receive a reminder. If you do not pay after this reminder, a “dwangschrift” (summons) will be served to you/your address by the tax bailiff. There are costs associated with this.

If you still don’t pay, the tax bailiff will seize your assets. There are also costs associated with the attachment.

The tax bailiff can sell your possessions. The proceeds of this sale will be deducted from your tax debt.

You can also be held liable as a director for the tax liability of the company.

What can you do to prevent recovery measures?
If you are not able to pay your taxes immediately, please contact the Receiver’s office as soon as possible. You can then request a postponement of payment by means of a payment arrangement. Your request will be processed and you will be notified whether you are eligible for this.

In some cases it may be that you still have an amount of credit, e.g. a tax refund for a previous year. This amount will be deducted from a tax debt. If your refund is higher than your tax debt, you will be refunded the difference

Get in contact with the Tax Administration.