Exciting news:

We have a new website – Tax.sx
The Sint Maarten Tax Administration proudly unveils our new website, www.tax.sx!
This user-friendly platform is tailored to empower both individuals and businesses with comprehensive insights into taxation on Sint Maarten with a broader goal of modernizing the Tax Administration, creating a more efficient, user-friendly, and customer-centric experience.
We encourage everyone to take full advantage of the resources available. Browse through the website, stay informed, and make your tax experience hassle-free!

Some Key Highlights of the website:
✅ Comprehensive Information: This platform is designed to provide individuals and businesses with detailed insights into taxation on Sint Maarten. The website features a wealth of information, including background details on the tax administration’s structure, relevant laws, and various downloadable forms such as Income Tax Returns, Profit Tax Returns, and Pension Request Forms.
✅ FAQ Section: In response to common questions and concerns, the website hosts an extensive FAQ section, providing quick and reliable answers to assist users.
✅ Multilingual Support: The content is available in English, Spanish, French, and Dutch, ensuring accessibility for a diverse audience.
✅ User-Friendly Interface: The website has been designed for seamless accessibility on both mobile devices and computers, offering a convenient experience for users regardless of their preferred platform.
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For further information or inquiries, feel free to contact the Tax Administration via email at or give us a call.
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